Andrea’s back from Haiti!

Hello! This is Andrea, and we are back from our week-long trip to Haiti. We met some wonderful people and saw a country that is very different from our part of the world, which is Michigan, USA. The temperature was around 50 degrees Celsius, and sunny every day. We met so many great kids who love photography, both taking pictures and seeing themselves in the camera, something they don’t get a chance to do very often, as very few, if any, have access to cameras, or even camera phones. We also introduced the kids to Rus, a beautiful toy horse from Papinee, a wonderful company that encourages and supports storytelling around the world. Rus lives in France, and my students told his story, and acted parts of it out for the kids in Haiti. We left Rus in Haiti so the whole school could enjoy him, and read the beautiful book about him. It was a great trip!