Hey, my name’s Jonathan and for the last 20 years, I’ve lived as an editorial photographer in New York, London and, most recently, in a little village smack in the middle of England. I wrote this course for Frank, Jennifer, Diana, Dean, Derek, Jessica, Larissa, Viri, Hugo, Christopher, Angel and Sofia at the Cambodian Family Center in Santa Ana. They helped me make it better, so we could share it with you now.


Phonar is short for Photography and Narrative (picture-making and storytelling). Our summer class is named after the Phonar Nation which is the sum of all us storytellers all over the world. We help and support each other to speak clearly with pictures, we learn about the importance of being believable and, in a world where everyone is talking all at once,  we help each other to be heard.

Phonar Nation is also a virtual sandpit. It’s a place to challenge yourself, to experiment freely and know that no one is going to mind if you jump around, drop in, drop out, switch this and adapt that. The point is to try new stuff, help each other be awesome and laugh whenever possible.

Phonar Nation is also a starting point, not an end, it’s about problem solving not just following instructions. If we were awarding grades then you’d get better grades for improving our suggested solutions and methods.

You’ll find links to tools and instruction along with the embedded stuff but, you’re going to have your own favourite ways of doing things, your preferred apps, etc. So, please tell us your top tips and how2s.  Tell us when we get it wrong (please help build a better nation) and if there’s something you really enjoy, tell us that too (everyone loves a pat on the back).

Now join us below and lets get this show on the road.


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