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Kate made one of Internet Society’s 25 Under 25!

Hi everyone!

One of our Phonar Nation tasks is to share what you think is important and over the last few years that is exactly what I have done. Starting with working with young people and teachers through Phonar Nation and then creating my own class around digital footprints and the digital economy, I have been working hard trying to make people more aware of the potential risks of being online and how we can better protect ourselves.

This work has been recognised and I am now one of the Internet Society’s 25 Under 25! This is a global award and the other winners have amazing stories too! I am going to be meeting them in a couple of weeks in Los Angeles and I hope that I can get them to share their #Phonar #NationIsImportant task too. 🙂

I’ve written a bit more about it all on my own blog here:

And all the winners are here:

I’d like to take this moment not only to thank the Phonar Nation community, but to also remind you to stand up for what you believe in, make your voice heard and make a difference. 🙂

Andrea’s back from Haiti!

Hello! This is Andrea, and we are back from our week-long trip to Haiti. We met some wonderful people and saw a country that is very different from our part of the world, which is Michigan, USA. The temperature was around 50 degrees Celsius, and sunny every day. We met so many great kids who love photography, both taking pictures and seeing themselves in the camera, something they don’t get a chance to do very often, as very few, if any, have access to cameras, or even camera phones. We also introduced the kids to Rus, a beautiful toy horse from Papinee, a wonderful company that encourages and supports storytelling around the world. Rus lives in France, and my students told his story, and acted parts of it out for the kids in Haiti. We left Rus in Haiti so the whole school could enjoy him, and read the beautiful book about him. It was a great trip!


The Nation gets busy!

My goodness it has been a super busy week across the Nation! Our superstar Activists have been working hard to spread Phonar Nation love, enabling children to participate in their own representation. This is what we are all about!

Andrea has been in Haiti all week telling stories with Papinee and Phonar Nation. We would like to give our special thank you to Dev from Papinee for sending over some beautiful (and translated) books and toys to the children.

Janet and Tom went miniature this week with their lunchtime Phonar Nation club at St. Andrews Primary in Woodhall Spa (UK). Elysia in Chicago has started off her class looking for light! It’s great to see all the pictures of youth enjoying themselves with photography. Meanwhile, Liz’s students at UC Irvine have been doing the PN tasks and reviewing them so that they can remix and improve them!

Phonar Nation is super adaptable and we can help you find a place in your school, club or organisation. Reach out to Jonathan or me (Kate) and we will help you figure it out! ❤️

Jonathan: @jonathan_worth  |

Kate: @kategreen28  |



Phonar Nation Activism for Haiti!

Andrea, one of our Phonar Nation activists of 2016, is going to Haiti next week to teach Phonar Nation in an orphanage with the Apparent Project. We think this is super awesome, but thanks to the power of the Nation and our message to empower learners to participate in their own representation, toy collective Papinee who have a “social mission to give the children of the world, the “gift of imagination”” are donating toys for Andrea to take to the children there.

Isn’t this great?! Not only that, but the kind people at Papinee have also tailor-made its gifts, translating them into Creole so that the children can learn and play without any language barriers!

We are all behind Andrea and her students who are about to go on a fantastic adventure! Andrea is going to be doing three tasks with the children there so we invite the Nation to do the same ones!

Seeing in Miniature
#Phonar #NationMacro
Telling a Story with a Portrait
#Phonar #NationTribe
Making Fan Art
#Phonar #NationFanArt


Good luck Andrea!
— Kate

Phonar Nation prepares to go to Haiti

By Andrea, Phonar Nation Activist

My name is Andrea Birnbaum, and I am a photographer and teacher in Detroit, Michigan, in the United States. I work for the College for Creative Studies, an art and design school, and am going to Haiti in March with nine college students to teach book binding and paper making to Haitian adults and do photography with Haitian children.  Haiti is a very poor country in the Caribbean and one way we can help is to teach them art skills using supplies that are readily available to them that they can then use to make items, like beautiful handmade blank books, to sell and support themselves. It will also be a wonderful opportunity for our nine college students to experience a culture that is very different from theirs, and learn more about the world.

We had a fundraiser today for our trip to Haiti- artwork donated from students and faculty from the College for Creative Studies. We leave on March 6 to spend a week teaching bookbinding and photography to Haitian kids- can’t wait to introduce them to #Phonar!


#levelawesome #nationportrait

I am on the hunt for awesome images being shared across the Nation. Check out this #levelawesome portrait by @ShirinB_ on Instagram! So I reached out and it turns out that some great stuff is being made in Manchester, UK too; let us just pop that on our *imaginary* map with our other active cities: Chicago (USA), Cork (IRE), Michigan (USA), Lincoln (UK). We are super excited for new cities coming aboard, there’s plenty of love in the Nation. Keep us updated with your self portrait Shirin!

-KG x


Hey! Check this out: two schools, 1830 miles apart, one task, two super similar pictures! While Janet and Tom get 10 kids in Lincolnshire excited about Phonar Nation at their lunchtime club, Elysia and Thomas in Chicago are on the countdown to bringing Phonar Nation back into the classroom in March!

We are really excited to see all the great work from the tasks and we are even more excited about making some new ‘maker’ tasks to get your teeth stuck into! If you are following PN or you want to teach it in a class or as a club, please reach out to me and say hello! You can buzz me on Twitter or you can email

Lincolnshire, St Andrews C of E

Henry, Chicago GEMS Academy











Happy storytelling! #phonar #nationmatters


Citizens of the Nation unite for #SelflessDMD

Phonar Nation citizens from far and wide are coming together to help raise awareness for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and they are absolutely rocking it! St. Andrew’s Primary have restarted their Phonar Nation photography club, with its first session dedicated to making Selfless Selfies! Nice one guys. Check out their post here.

Jessica, St. Andrew’s Primary


Just in case you’ve missed this, Phonar Nation has now launched the Selfless Selfies project.

The campaign is to raise awareness of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy using photography, by taking a socially inclusive act, the selfie (everyone takes them), and pointing out how this is in fact socially exclusive for many in the DMD community (if you can’t hold a smart phone, let alone a camera, it’s not easy to make a selfie).
We have designed a simple portraiture activity that should be fun and informative for a young person to take. The idea is to make a photograph that says something about you, not just that shows what you look like.

Help us raise awareness and stand up to Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy with the Nation.
  1. Take your Selfless Selfie
  2. Make a Selfess Pledge to the boys
  3. Post your Selfless Selfie on Instagram #selflessDMD


Prizes for the Rockstars


Pics mean prizes!


Picture: Elysia, Chicago-GEMS Academy on Twitter


We wanted to say a big big thank you to Elysia, Tom, Jane, Janet, Tom, Kate and Damian for being our heroes this year! Your kids are well and truly Phonar Nation Citizens!


Get your school, library, community center, friends and family involved and become a Citizen yourself!