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Citizens of the Nation unite for #SelflessDMD

Phonar Nation citizens from far and wide are coming together to help raise awareness for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and they are absolutely rocking it! St. Andrew’s Primary have restarted their Phonar Nation photography club, with its first session dedicated to making Selfless Selfies! Nice one guys. Check out their post here.

Jessica, St. Andrew’s Primary


Just in case you’ve missed this, Phonar Nation has now launched the Selfless Selfies project.

The campaign is to raise awareness of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy using photography, by taking a socially inclusive act, the selfie (everyone takes them), and pointing out how this is in fact socially exclusive for many in the DMD community (if you can’t hold a smart phone, let alone a camera, it’s not easy to make a selfie).
We have designed a simple portraiture activity that should be fun and informative for a young person to take. The idea is to make a photograph that says something about you, not just that shows what you look like.

Help us raise awareness and stand up to Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy with the Nation.
  1. Take your Selfless Selfie
  2. Make a Selfess Pledge to the boys
  3. Post your Selfless Selfie on Instagram #selflessDMD


We got Spamjacked!

Hey, unfortunately some of our hashtags got swept up by a SpamJacker and until the people in the pictures put a few more clothes on we’re not aggregating to the site. But you can carry on with the activities and once the spamster has been purged, normal service will resume.

Move along now…

Nothing happening here.


Prizes for the Rockstars


Pics mean prizes!


Picture: Elysia, Chicago-GEMS Academy on Twitter


We wanted to say a big big thank you to Elysia, Tom, Jane, Janet, Tom, Kate and Damian for being our heroes this year! Your kids are well and truly Phonar Nation Citizens!


Get your school, library, community center, friends and family involved and become a Citizen yourself!


You’re Welcome!



I just want to say St. Andrew’s that it was an honour to be invited! Jonathan and I had a brilliant time taking pictures and telling stories with you. See you again soon x



Going Deep with Prof David. Part 1of 3

This is special magic juice and it kills me that we give this stuff away for free. Of all the people I’ve heard talk about photography and all the people I’ve read, there is no one I like listening to more than David Campbell. He’ knows pretty much everything – I mean like, everything. When he dies they’re going to save his brain and replace the internet with it. You’ll be able to log-on to the “David” when you want to find stuff out, #PhonarFact

Paul Cezanne’s “Card Players”

David Hockney:
“You are not looking at a picture of so and so, you’re looking at Cezanne’s account of seeing them.”

Christopher Anderson:
“I have always felt uncomfortable with the term “photojournalist”. In terms of my documentary work, there has always been a difference between my role and that of a reporter. If there can be a comparison, it is that I am perhaps an editorialist. My job has always been to comment on what I witness as opposed to the reporting of an event. I am subjective. I have a point of view. There is no such thing as objectivity in photography. I don’t believe in facts, but I AM obsessed with truth. And my work always deals with this distinction…My work is a truth, but it is my truth, my experience. That is all I can offer.” Read more at Joerg Colberg’s Conscientious blog

The skinny (overview): Our knowledge of the world depends on mediation, the representation of information and issues. This means we have to understand photography as a construction rather than a natural process, and all photographs as representations. This involves considering some difficult concepts about knowledge, and makes research of the context surrounding stories essential to the practice of photography.






the goodies have arrived!

get a group together and follow our tasks to win yourselves one of only five of these packs!

You gotta be in it to win it

#awesome prizes for awesome #kids. @photojojo macro lens, scholarship, pouch and mobile slide filter up for grabs for #phonarnation students! Thanks @thealexandrak for sorting us out!! #iphone #Samsung #mobile photography #macrolens #wideangle #photography #instalike #instalove #Instagram #flickr #iphoneography #instapic #instasnap #photojojomacro

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Going Deep with Prof David. Part 3 of 3 “Power”

This is the final of David’s three Master series podcasts, numbers one and two are still here if you missed numbers them. If you’d like to learn more with David then he blogs and tweets and always carries a Phonar Nation Citizenship card.

“Visual storytellers need to be concerned with what photographs do more than what they are.”

David Campbell


A new Salt-Print Winner

Congratulations to Instagram user photos_luna Your image will be turned into a unique fine art salt print by darkroom wizard Craig Austin. Craig has been choosing his favourite images and making awesome Salt-Prints from his AlternativeDarkroom deep in the King Arthur countryside of rural England.






Phonar Nation translated into Bulgarian


A bajillion Phonar thank you’s to the fabulous Mariya Mileva for translating the Phonar Nation classes into her native Bulgarian. If you speak another language and would like to open the classes out to people who also speak it please let me know. And don’t worry about super-accuracy, so long as the flavour is there we’re good to go!


Looking for Light (PHONARNATION-LookingForLight-BG PDF)

Seeing the Unseen (PHONARNATION – Seeing the Unseen – Bulgarian Translation PDF)

Telling Someone’s Story (PHONARNATION – Telling Someone’s Story – Bulgarian Translation PDF)

Making Sense (PHONARNATION – Making Sense – Bulgarian Translation PDF)