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#WeArePhonarNation Mohammed from Algeria interviewed by Rehan from Pakistan


Another shout-out to Damian Drohan’s fantastic #Phonar #NationIreland class running at the Bridgewater House Centre for Asylum Seekers in Ireland, here’s a great example of young people beginning to participate in their own representation – and having fun in the process (love these out-takes).

#phonarnation student interviews 02- Mohammed from Damian Drohan on Vimeo.
The #PhonarNation loves Damian Drohan and if you’d like to find out more about his work then jog on to the BBC where some of his most recent work was just featured.







This week’s salt-print winner is Instagram user Nayelihurtado for their blcak and white image submitted for the #Phonar #NationUnseen. They had their image chosen by @darkroom_craig who is crafting these prints using a super-old photographic process in his darkroom, deep in the heart of the English countryside.

Well done Nayelihurtado!






BBC Picture Editor Phil Coomes talks to the Phonar Nation

BBC Picture Editor fields questions from PhonarNation citizens in this latest Pod-cast and its choc-full-O tips and tricks including a Gold Dust project idea for a social document that you’ll be able to sell (albeit in 30 years ūüôā ).





Going Deep with Prof David. Part 2 of 3

Professor David Campbell by Jonathan Worth

“the event is not what happens, the event is that which can be¬†narrated” Alan Feldman

Here we go – podcast 2 of 3 and Prof David Campbell¬†does not disappoint: ¬†Information and meaning aren’t automatically bundled together, so we need narrative to literally ¬†“make sense” of the world.
Whoa, hold on a minute, that’s obvious but at the same time, mind-frying. Is he saying there’s no meaning to the world other than what we piece together with stories ? Wowzers that makes storytellers pretty fundamentally important¬†right?¬†#GoingDeepWithDavid¬†¬†