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Hello from Michigan, USA!

Hello, it’s Andrea from Michigan- I am excited to tell you all that I will be teaching PhonarNation in two places this fall. The first is a wonderful private school, Hillel, where I will be teaching four photography classes a week to 9-12 year old students. The administration loved the idea and structure of the PhonarNation website and it fits in perfectly with the school’s desire to empower the students to connect globally.

The other program is at a wonderful place called the Farber Center, which is home to the Dresner Foundation Soul Studio and Soul Cafe, where special needs adults, 18 and over, as student-artists, learn painting, ceramics, sculpture, weaving, and photography. They will be designing, creating and taking a lead role in the selling of works of art and promotional items that will be available to the community. PhonarNation will help these incredible people to tell their own stories. I’ve already started working with two young men and they are very excited! Below are some shots from Looking at Light.

IMG_2278IMG_2281 IMG_2282