Going Deep with Prof David. Part 1of 3

This is special magic juice and it kills me that we give this stuff away for free. Of all the people I’ve heard talk about photography and all the people I’ve read, there is no one I like listening to more than David Campbell. He’ knows pretty much everything – I mean like, everything. When he dies they’re going to save his brain and replace the internet with it. You’ll be able to log-on to the “David” when you want to find stuff out, #PhonarFact

Paul Cezanne’s “Card Players”

David Hockney:
“You are not looking at a picture of so and so, you’re looking at Cezanne’s account of seeing them.”

Christopher Anderson:
“I have always felt uncomfortable with the term “photojournalist”. In terms of my documentary work, there has always been a difference between my role and that of a reporter. If there can be a comparison, it is that I am perhaps an editorialist. My job has always been to comment on what I witness as opposed to the reporting of an event. I am subjective. I have a point of view. There is no such thing as objectivity in photography. I don’t believe in facts, but I AM obsessed with truth. And my work always deals with this distinction…My work is a truth, but it is my truth, my experience. That is all I can offer.” Read more at Joerg Colberg’s Conscientious blog

The skinny (overview): Our knowledge of the world depends on mediation, the representation of information and issues. This means we have to understand photography as a construction rather than a natural process, and all photographs as representations. This involves considering some difficult concepts about knowledge, and makes research of the context surrounding stories essential to the practice of photography.





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