Kate made one of Internet Society’s 25 Under 25!

Hi everyone!

One of our Phonar Nation tasks is to share what you think is important and over the last few years that is exactly what I have done. Starting with working with young people and teachers through Phonar Nation and then creating my own class around digital footprints and the digital economy, I have been working hard trying to make people more aware of the potential risks of being online and how we can better protect ourselves.

This work has been recognised and I am now one of the Internet Society’s 25 Under 25! This is a global award and the other winners have amazing stories too! I am going to be meeting them in a couple of weeks in Los Angeles and I hope that I can get them to share their #Phonar #NationIsImportant task too. 🙂

I’ve written a bit more about it all on my own blog here: https://kategreen28.org/internet-societys-25-under-25-awards

And all the winners are here: https://www.internetsociety.org/25th/25-under-25/awardees

I’d like to take this moment not only to thank the Phonar Nation community, but to also remind you to stand up for what you believe in, make your voice heard and make a difference. 🙂