phonar nation front page contest


Phonar Nation Front Page Contest postponed until Summer 2015!

 For this contest, you will create a Front Page Story by making a picture that tells a story or describes an issue that is important to you. You can use captions, text, titles and even sound if you want.

What do I do?
Editing means to sort through stuff and decide what’s appropriate and what’s not. When you stop following someone on places like Facebook or Instagram you edit them out of your stream. An Editor’s job is to do the same for movies, newscasts, newspapers and magazines, they decide what goes in and what gets cut out. They effect what becomes headlines, lead stories and front pages and because of that, they have a big impact on how we understand what’s going on in the world.

Your job is to figure out what’s important to you, your family, your friends and your community and use your photo skills to share it.


What are the prizes?
The prize for three individuals deemed by the Phonar Nation team to have displayed outstanding effort, conspicuous achievement or who otherwise embody the spirit of Phonar* will be online reviews with professional photo editors  Sarah Leen from National Geographic, Mary Ann Golon from The Washington Post and  Phil Coomes from the BBC News.

A further selection of the most moving and creative approaches to this challenge  will be featured on the PhonarNation site and their makers will be interviewed by Jonathan.

* such as supporting other members or using your Phonar-Skills and the power of storytelling to do good.


How do I enter to win?

Phonar Nation Front Page Contest postponed until Summere 2015!


To formally enter to win a prize you need to go to, make an account and submit your entry. You can enter as many time as you would like!

Post your Images to Instagram or Flickr with #Phonar and #NationFrontPage