Find a photo or take a picture that shows something that  you wish would get fixed and add an audio or a text explanation.

Shahidul Allam – that’s pronounced Sha-heedle (rhymes with needle) is exceptional. Shahidul runs a school in Bangladesh that teaches people how to tell stories with pictures.


I asked his advice for a task that would be interesting for us to do and he suggested that we:

“Use images to identify an inequality within your own space (could be your geographic or your social space – your street or your family album for example), having done so work out a mechanism through which you can transform it.”


Now that’s #SuperDeep but the picture above, which includes a blind boy, was one that affected him so much that he dedicated his life to improving the opportunities for young people.

When you are looking for pictures or taking a picture, think about what you wish would get fixed – like maybe your brother doesn’t want to play with you because he says you’re too young. Or Mom has to do all of the cooking on top of going out to work and you wish she could have a break. Right? Or maybe someone you know can’t afford the meds, wheelchair or surgery they need, so it’s something you wish you could fix.

Once you’ve made or found your picture (if you found an old one then take a picture of that so we can share) either add an audio or text explanation. Remember keep it short and to the point, like: “This is a picture of (describe who is in it, where they are and why you have made this choice)  and I made it because it’s something I wish I could change and if I could change it, then it would be amazing because (describe the effect that this change would have, how it would make people’s lives better).”

In a Nutshell…Either make or find a picture that describes something you wish you could fix. It could be something within your circle of friends or family or it could be something that affects everyone, like climate change. Add an explanation with text or audio and share with the #Phonar #NationStory.


Doing and thinking tools suggestions are starting points for you to find ways of doing this activity.

I used Flipagram to talk over my images, you could add a music track  but that’s an easy option, what’s harder and waaay cooler, is to record some ambient sound and add that. #Pro

Looking for inspiration? Check out The Last Days of Shishmaref.



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My work will investigate :

combining words, pictures and sounds to create a narrative;

comprehending multiple points of view at any given moment; and

describing  alternative perspectives and relate them to a wider context.



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