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Make a self-portrait holding a sign which reads “ [insert something] … is important to me”.

Take a piece of paper and write a sentence that ends with the words “.. is important to me”. Make sure you write the words so that they are big enough to be read from two or three paces away.

Choose a location where you’d like to have your picture taken and working with a partner take turns photographing each other holding up your messages.

Think about the different ways of making a portrait. Make a few versions, close up, mid and full-length. Choose your background carefully for shapes and colours. Decide whether the subject will be close to their background (against a wall) or in space (looking down the street), look at Niall McDermaid’s “Crossing Paths” project for inspiration.

Think carefully about what you write because a lot of people will be seeing this when you share it with the Phonar Nation.


In a Nutshell…Take a piece of paper and write a sentence that ends with the words “.. is important to me”, make a self-portrait and share with #Phonar and #NationIsImportant


#LevelAwesome: Ask other people you know within your networks of friends to make a similar signs with whats important to them. Make their portraits and share.


Doing and thinking tools suggestions are starting points for you to find ways of doing this activity.

Looking for inspiration? Check out the work of artist Gillian Wearing and  PostSecrets – an ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a postcard.

moving beyond barriers
moving beyond activism


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My work will explore whether:

I’m aware that I am a part of many networks, at school, at work, at home both online and off.

I can use approaches  to photography that link the subjects depicted through their shared issues and concerns.



Post your Images to Instagram or Flickr with #Phonar and #NationIsImportant