Victorian Era iPhone Salt Print

This is so far beyond awesome as to be other-worldly. Take one of the oldest sorts of photography (salt printing) and then mix in some of the sparkliest, newest digital images. Perform some darkroom magic and you get super beautiful and unique artefacts.¬† Very cool but too difficult I hear you think ….

Edinburgh Ale by Hill & Adamson c1844 Public Domain

Well what if I told you that¬† friend of #Phonar , Craig Austin is the kind of Darkroom wizard that rolls this way. He saw the Artist “Going Deep” tasks (which are about making things that can’t be digitised) and offered to send a Victorian Era Salt Print to the maker of his favourite image every week!

He uses hand made French paper that has been coated with silver salts, a super old vintage contact frame and the sun. Then he wraps these precious prints in acid-free tissue paper before sending them by carrier pigeon to the lucky artist. Boom.

This first week he’s chosen an image by Phonar Nation Citizen @Ereluna – well done @Ereluna! #Phonar #NationMerch on its way to you (stickers and T-shirt)








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